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Kathryn Alexander
August 22, 2017 | Kathryn Alexander

15 Wine Blogs We Think You Will Like

15 Wine Blogs We Think You Will Like!


Reading about food and wine is fun and inspires me to eat amazing food and drink amazing wine! What better way to spend a weekend?!

Scouring the world of wine blogs online is not an easy task! There are so many to choose from, but we have narrowed our search down to the best ones.

Every minute of every day someone is pouring a glass of wine somewhere in the world! Also, somewhere someone is pouring their thoughts and knowledge onto the internet on their own blog. Blogs are magical spaces on the internet where we can go and be swept away into someone else's life, or learn something new without ever leaving our house.

We have put together a list of 15 wine blogs we think you will like to be swept away with.


1. Wine Turtles - - They don't claim to be experts in wine, but rather wine lovers. They do have a ton of wine information. I love what they wrote on their about page, "We are a group of people that share a deep passion for wine, and anything related to it, and enjoy it at a Turtle’s pace because that’s how it should be done. No good will come from rushing through it; much better to take your time and enjoy every last bit of it."


2. The Wine Dude -  - Love his wit and humor in his articles. He seems down to earth and not one of those snooty wine experts that make everyone else feel stupid with wine jargon that the beginner wine drinker wouldn't know. Joe Roberts keeps all of his articles snooty free and yet expresses himself as being very knowledgeable in the wine industry.


3. The Fermented Fruit - - A great wine blog from a non-expert wine drinker who just wants to spread his love of wine, and share his wine experiences.


4. Dr. Vino - - Is actually a doctor, and did his Ph.D. dissertation on the political economy of the wine industry in France and the United States! He retired to just write about wine and also includes politics and other areas of life. He is an author of 2 books and writes often for other food and wine publications.


5. The Wine Pages - - A very long-running wine site, started back in 1995. It has a forum where you can connect with other wine lovers and get recommendations or share your own favorite wines. It also has a free basic wine course for beginners.


6. Another Wine Blog - - Easy to read, good sense of humor in their writing, and not stuffed with snooty wine jargon. Head down to the bottom footer and they have a category drop-down menu that has an extensive list of all the different categories they have written articles on.


7. My Wine Canada - - Blog all about Canadian wines, and has a few articles on BC and Okanagan wineries.


8. The Tasting Room Confidential - - An impressive wine writer from Vancouver, but she has articles about wines all over the world. I especially love her BC and Okanagan articles!


9. Bigger Than Your Head - - Fredric Koeppel started the wine blog in 2006. He taught English for 17 years and became a journalist. He is very knowledgeable in wines, and his writing flows so effortlessly that it's hard not to read the whole blog article from top to bottom!


10. Luscious Lushes - - I just love the name! Who wouldn’t right?! She holds a CWAS (California Wine Appellation Specialist) credential. She travels and writes about all her wine experiences and tasting she does.


11. Just Grapes -  - Just Grapes Wine Blog is a Vancouver BC-based blog that specializes in educating and informing consumers and trade both locally and abroad on wine and craft beer.


12. Hired Belly - - Another Vancouver BC-based food and wine blog. Writing on the local food and wines in the region. "Tim’s hallmark is seeking out value wines from BC and around the world. He seeks out quality at every level."


13. Wine Barbarian - - Based in Vancouver he writes about wine and scorns wine snobs. He reviews and writes about the wine festivals and conferences he goes to, and also reviews reasonably priced wines.


14. My Wine Pal - - Based in BC, Karl also writes about wine all across Canada. His website is laid out so information is easy to find. I particularly like his winery tasting notes he has on every winery he goes to.

15. John Schreiner On Wine - - Another blog author based in Vancouver. He has been writing about wine since 1984 when he first published his first wine book. Since then he has written 15 more wine books and continues to write on his blog. He has posts about the Okanagan BC that are worth a read through!

So there you have it, the 15 wine blogs we think you will like. I hope that you can check them out and give them some love. 

Have a great week, and stop by a winery on your way home this Friday and pick up some new wine to try.



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